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Saturday, January 4, 2014

DIY Yarn Holder

So about an month and a half ago, I ordered this beautiful custom-made yarn bowl with a locking lid on Etsy. Unfortunately, there was an issue with the lid, so the seller asked for more time to get it right. Since I want it to work and be gorgeous, I agreed. Unfortunately, with Kiera in my life (Happy 6 month birthday today, Kiki!), I can't knit as she goes after the yarn. 

Drives me crazy, but I wouldn't trade her in for anything.

So I needed something until my beautiful yarn bowl arrives, but I didn't want to spend tons of money. Then I found this great idea on pinterest for a cheap DIY yarn holder. Using an inexpensive throw away plastic food container, a drill and some grommets, you can have a perfect lidded yarn "bowl".

I went out today and bought generic containers from my local grocery store and 6mm grommets at Hobby Lobby. When I got home, I grabbed my drill, some scrap wood, and my hammer. I was going to have some fun bashing the crap out of things! :)

First, I put full skeins of yarn in my containers...I decided to do as Jenn suggested in her blog and put two holes on one end and a single hole on the other end, so that I could fit different sizes of skeins in my container as a single, double, or maybe even triple yarn bowl. So I made my marks for the center of the skeins.

Then I drilled out the three holes on the first container using a 3/8 drill bit. Unfortunately, the holes split. It may have been the bit I used or it may have just been me, but I decided not to use the drill on the second one.

So on the second one, I used my exacto knife to cut out the holes. While a pain, this worked much better for me.

To finish it off, I then installed the 6mm grommets as instructed on the package, using the scrap wood to protect my counter.

 The finished product!

Hopefully this will help allow me to knit while keeping Kiera out of my yarn!

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